Social Policy

Every year "Centrenergo" invests significant funds into technical re-equipment and rehabilitation of the fixed assets. But, in the same time, the social activity remains one of the major objectives of the Company. The improvement and creation of safer and more comfortable working conditions for the employees are the priorities of the Company achieved by development and implementation of modern social standards and substantial financial investments into establishment of the stable social environment. Thus the social responsibility is extended not only to the employees, but also to all people concerned by the Company activity.

The major activities of the Company with regard to implementation of the social policy fundamentals are the stable wages and social protection of the personnel, provision of privileges and target financial support, assistance in development of social infrastructure that guarantees worthy working conditions and recreation, health improvement, treatment and professional development for the employees.

The newly approved Collective labor agreement for 2012 - 2013 declares the directions of the Company social policy which cover the provisions about the Company's major liabilities concerning the interests of the employees. The close attention is paid to the inquiries and needs of the personnel of the enterprise. The Company management and the trade-unions organization try to create all conditions for improvement of the well-being and industrial environment for the workers.

Since 2012 "Centrenergo" launched the socially important project which provides for introduction of the voluntary medicinal insurance for all employees by the leading insurance company "АХА Insurance". The Company bears all expenses within the framework of the ordered insurance program. The total amount will make more than 2 million UAH per year. Thus for one worker it provides up to 1 thousand UAH per year for medication provision and up to 15 thousand UAH per year for out-patient treatment and in-patient medical services in case of insured accident.

The Company provides funding and maintenance of the public catering facilities, sanatoria and recreation centers, culture centers, sports complexes, kindergartens, other social infrastructure facilities on the balance of the Company, it organizes their efficient operation and use of the reserves for achievement of their best performances.

According to the laws of Ukraine there is ongoing transfer of the social infrastructure facilities to the communal property of the local communities.

The Company helps its employees in improvement of their housing conditions. The construction of the apartment house in the town of Svitlodarsk for the employees of Vuglegirska TPP is coming to the end.

Being the town-forming enterprises, "Centrenergo" power plants participate actively in improvement, gardening, building and maintenance works on infrastructure facilities of the towns of Svitlodarsk, Ukrainka and village Komsomolske.