Occupational Safety and Health

The provision of healthy working conditions is the nation-wide issue. The state policy in the field of occupational safety and fire safety in our country is defined by the laws of Ukraine "About occupational safety" and "About fire safety" and other statutory acts.

On the basis of the above-mentioned laws the Company established the Occupational safety and fire safety service of PJSC "Centrenergo" and the relevant units on occupational safety at Vuglegirska, Zmiivska, Trypilska thermal power plants and service enterprise "Remenergo". The major activities of the service are the following:
•    Establishing and working out an efficient occupational safety and fire safety management system and the further improvement of such activities within every structural unit, by every worker of the Company.
•    Ensuring at the power plants and separate structural unit "Remenergo" the safety of the processes, power equipment, buildings and structures.
•    Reporting of the accidents, professional diseases, emergencies, fires and inflammations which happened within the separate units of the Company, analysis of their causes and drawing the instruction documents on prevention of similar events.
•    Implementation within the separate units of the Company of the preventive measures with purpose to eliminate harmful and hazardous factors, to prevent occupational accidents, professional diseases and other life or health risks for the employees.
•    Studying and support to the implementation of scientific and technological developments, progressive and safe technologies, modern collective and individual protection means.
•    Supervision of observance by the Company's employees of the requirements of laws and normative documents on occupational safety and fire safety, implementation of the extensive measures.
•    Provision to the Company's employees of the overalls, safety shoes, collective and individual protection means, and special food for the employees working in the harmful conditions.
•    Organizing health examinations and creation of sanitary-and-hygienic working conditions.
•    Provision of vocational preparation, training and improvement of professional skills of the occupational safety and fire safety employees.

The achievement of these objectives is possible due to functioning within the Company, as a part of the overall management system, of the updated Occupational health and safety (OHS) management system agreed with the State Service of the Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety (Derzhgirpromnaglyad) of Ukraine. One of the major aims of the System is industrial safety, its condition, risk categories. The introduction into practice of such concept as industrial safety is the requisite which is dictated by modern development of the industry, including the power engineering. The power equipment which exhausted its design resource and operates since long time with supercritical parameters is potentially hazardous and requires the constant attention, traditional and nonconventional methods of diagnostics. The new approach to the occupational safety management system requires more extensive scope of measures in this direction compared to the traditional OHS management methods.
The effective operation of OHS management system is only possible provided all employees of the Company share the OHS policy, as improvement begins with the person, change of his/her personal attitude toward own safety and safety of people around, enhancement of professional competence, practical skills etc.