Review of Centrenergo's basic performance indicators for the period of 9 months 2012

Following the results of 9 months 2012 the generating capacities of PJSC "Centrenergo" continue to hold the leading positions concerning the electricity production parameters. The Company's power plants have produced 13.754 million kWh of electricity that by 31,6 % exceeds the parameter of the same period of 2011. The electric power output to consumers has made 12.624 million kWh. The electricity production market share within the sector of thermal generation for 9 months of the current year has grown up to 23,2 % and in the total volume of the Ukrainian generation has made 9,4 %.

The installed capacity utilization factor has a steady trend to grow and makes 27,5 % in the accounting period. For January - September the specific consumption of conditional fuel for electricity production have made 395,5 g/kWh that by 5,5g/kWh below the last year's parameters.

The improvement of performance indicators has allowed to increase the volume of commodity energy output up to 6.919,4 million UAH that exceeds the relevant figures of the last year by 1.777,7 million UAH.

In comparison with the same period of 2011 PJSC "Centrenergo" has increased the product sales income by 34,5 % up to 8.301 million UAH from 6.168 million UAH in the last year.

The commodity output profitability for 9 months 2012 has made +10,74 % that by 0,74 % more than in the year-earlier period. The cost of goods sold makes 49,1 kopecks/kW, including the fuel component has made 40,71 kopecks/kW compared to 43,01 kopecks/kW in 2011. It became possible due to decrease of basic price of the coal delivered to the Company's power plants by State Enterprise "Coal of Ukraine".

The achieved results of economic activity will allow to approach confidently the implementation of strategic objectives on development of production and the process of modernization and reconstruction of the power engineering equipment at the Company's thermal power plants which is coming to an active stage since 2013. Due to the reconstruction the life time of the main process equipment will be prolonged, the installed capacity of the power units will be increased and the basic technical and economic parameters will be improved.