PJSC Centrenergo increases electricity sales in the “Day-ahead Market”


Recently, at the media appeared the information about the artificial creation of an electricity shortage in the most liquid market - the “day-ahead market”. It was also noted that the significant monopolization of the coal industry and the TPP segment led to this situation. In September, the deficit appeared on the “day-ahead market” almost every hour of the day, and in some hours consumers could buy only 30–40% of their electricity needs, which led to instability and rising prices.

The market share of PJSC "Centrenergo" among thermal generating companies is less than 20%. However, due to the need to cover the deficit in the "day-ahead market", the company decided that 90% of the electricity will be sold on the "day-ahead market" from November. Thus, we inform our partners and counterparties that under bilateral contracts the company will sell no more than 10% of the electricity generated in November.

In July-September, PJSC Centrenergo increased its monthly electricity generation by 31% from 821 million kWh in July to 1 076 million kWh. in September. In October, the planned generation will be 1 400 million kWh, which is 71% more than in July, and 30% more than in September. This increase in the company's production improves market competition, reduces potential shortages and provides the country with its own electricity production.

Volodymyr I. Potapenko
Acting Chief Executive