Ash Processing – the Way to Liquidate Ash-Disposal Areas

The electricity production by the coal-fired thermal power plants is naturally accompanied by formation of waste products such as ashes and slag with carbon content. The ash processing technologies are currently successfully applied in the world. The qualitative boiler fly ash satisfying the standards is suitable for use in manufacture of cement and concrete as the additive.

The obtaining of such product is one of the priority directions of possible cooperation of French construction company "Lafarge" and PJSC "Centrenergo". The signature of the mutual Memorandum of intent will become the basis for development of the business-plan and implementation of construction of the industrial plant on the site of Trypilska thermal power plant. Its structure will include the boiler fly ash dry extraction system on the power units of Trypilska TPP and the separation facility with capacity up to 400 thousand tons of fly ash per year. As a result of processing the material with the high content of carbon (50-60 %) will be obtained. Further on it will be used for repeated after-burning in the boilers together with coal. The other product is the material with the low content of carbon (less than 4 %), suitable for the building materials industry. Thus, the ash is practically not disposed on the ash-disposal areas, passing from the category of wastes into the category of products.

For more evident acquaintance with operation of analogue plants and application of such technology on the power units of PJSC "Centrenergo" the company "Lafarge" organized the joint trip of the representatives of "Centrenergo" and "Lafarge-Ukraine" to Wales (Great Britain). PJSC "Centrenergo" was represented by Mr. Oleksandr M. Chmyrenko, Chief Executive, and Mr. Petro P. Kravets, Trypilska TPP Director. The agenda comprised the visit of the power plant RWE Aberthaw in the urban district of Cardiff and the enterprise for ash processing "CelticAsh".

During visit the experts of "Lafarge" made the presentation of ash extraction and separation technologies with demonstration of the whole cycle of equipment on the operating power plant. The installed capacity of the power plant makes 1560 MW, it consists of 3 power units with capacity 520 MW. The main fuel for the plant is semi-anthracite coal with ash content 12-18 %, moisture content up to 8 % and volatile matters up to 25 %. Thus, the boiler fly ashes have carbon content within the limits of 8 %.

Taking into consideration the similarity of the power plant RWE Aberthaw with Trypilska TPP, the above described technology of ash separation for Trypilska TPP is not only actual and economically expedient, but also essentially reduces the environmental load. By implementing this technology on Trypilska TPP it will be possible to save up to 100 - 150 thousand tons of coal within one year and to reduce the volume of ash-disposal area by 250 - 400 tons per year.

Thus, it is possible to assume that implementation together with the company "Lafarge-Ukraine" of the joint construction of ash separation industrial facility on Trypilska TPP will become the necessary and mutually advantageous project for both parties, as well as for the society as a whole. The realization of the specified measures will be one of the most ambitious ecological projects in Ukraine.