Fire remedial works started at Vuglegirska TPP

Following the fire at Vuglegirska TPP of PJSC "Centrenergo" which happened on March, 29 at 15:14, four pulverized coal fired power units with total installed capacity 1200 MW, making the first TPP phase, were damaged. Thus the turbine hall, panels and cabling suffered. The boiler shop has insignificant damages. As of today the works to clear the equipment of metal structures from the damaged roof and to define its condition were started. The urgent remedial works will follow.

Despite of emergency evacuation of the personnel from the dangerous area and the measures undertaken at the moment of fire outbreak, it was not possible to avoid the fatal casualty. One person was fatally injured and four more persons with burns and combustion products poisoning were hospitalized on March, 29. Now their condition is estimated as stable.

The governmental commission headed by Mr. Eduard Stavytskyi, the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry, is now working in order to establish the causes of the accident which entailed the fire and damage to the power plant machinery. The commission will work until April, 8 of the current year.

Due to the current situation all structural divisions of PJSC "Centrenergo" are operating under special working pattern. At the present moment the financial analysis of the Company is under implementation, the remedial actions and definition of finance sources for remedial works are under consideration.

The measures are taken for work management of the personnel of Vuglegirska TPP and repairing service "Remenergo" of PJSC "Centrenergo" working at power plant site.

The basic life-support systems of the town of Svitlodarsk - water, gas and electricity supplies are not disturbed. The prime measures on heat supply in the current heating season are accepted. The issue of next heating season is under consideration.