Reconstruction unit №2 at Trypilska TPP

In order to implement the instruction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 648-p dated 08.09.2004, PJSC "Centrenergo" prepares the reconstruction of the power unit №2 at Trypilska TPP.
The following normative documents form the background for implementation of the project:

  • Comprehensive positive conclusion № 139 of the State Enterprise "Ukrinvestexpertise" dated 07.04.2009 concerning the project of the technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the power unit №2 at Trypilska TPP and the decision №36 of the Scientific and technical council of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Estate of Ukraine dated 23.04.09;
  • Instruction № 1589-p of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 23.12.09 "About approval of the feasibility study on technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the power unit №2 at Trypilska TPP" with total cost estimate of 1138 million UAH;
  • Agreement №05/15-0037of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine dated 23.01.09 concerning establishment of the investment component for return of the loan raised for technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the power unit №2 at Trypilska TPP;
  •  Regulation № 1297 of the National Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) of Ukraine dated 07.07.2011 concerning establishment since September, 2011 of the investment component to the electricity tariffs of PJSC "Centrenergo" in amount of 440 million UAH (without VAT) for return of funds raised for financing of the reconstruction of the power unit № 2 at Trypilska TPP.

The purpose of the reconstruction:

  • Extension of the service life of the power unit by 20 years or 100 thousand operating hours;
  • Increase of the electric capacity and the maneuverability range of the power unit by 25 MW;
  • Increase of the power unit efficiency;
  • Combustion of anthracite without backlighting with natural gas or fuel oil within the range of load of 80 - 100 % of the rated value and with minimum backlighting with natural gas or fuel oil at the load less than 80 % of the rated value;
  • Reduction of the ambient emissions: coal ash - up to 50 mg/m3, sulphurous anhydride - up to 400 mg/m3 and nitrogen oxide - up to 400 mg/m3.

The feasibility study of the reconstruction provides for the following scope of works:
 1. For boiler unit:

  • Increase of the boiler steam capacity up to 1000 t/h in order to provide the turbine loading of 325 MW;
  • Reconstruction of the boiler convective shaft in order to increase hot air temperature;
  • Modernization of the pulverized coal handling systems with capacity increase in order to provide trouble-free pulverized coal supply to the boiler at the rated capacity, replacement of the mill sealing;
  • Replacement of the heating surfaces and the steam piping which have exhausted their resource and have an impact to the power unit service life;
  • Optimization of the combustion modes and ensuring the boiler operating mode without backlighting within the range of the loads of 80 - 100 %.

2. For turbine unit:

  • Replacement of the high pressure cylinder;
  • Replacement of the medium pressure cylinder with the first stream of the low pressure cylinder;
  • Replacement of 5 stages of 2 and 3 low pressure streams with modernized ones;
  • Replacement of the steam distribution units and the turbine regulation system with electro-hydraulic one ensuring the compliance with normative parameters on frequency and capacity regulation.

3. For electric part:

  • Replacement of the generator with modernized one with capacity 325 MW made by the State Enterprise "Electrovazhmash" and the excitation system;
  • Reconstruction of the electric bay for the power unit capacity output.

4. For gas treatment equipment - replacement of the electric precipitators with modern ones with use of the existing foundations and increase of the electrodes height up to 15 m.
5. For I&C system - replacement with full-scale instrumentation and control system based on modern hardware components with extensive functionalities.
6. For desulphurization plant (FGD) - project development, implementation of works is planned during the Stage IІ.
The project implementation schedule provides for shutdown of the power unit №2 at Trypilska TPP in November, 2012 and re-commissioning for commercial operation in November, 2013.
The project on technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the power unit will be implemented with the following milestones:

  1. Reconstruction of the turbine generator.
  2. Reconstruction of the boiler unit.
  3. Reconstruction of the electric precipitators.
  4. Reconstruction of I&C system.
  5. Replacement of auxiliaries.
  6. Construction of the flue gas desulphurization plant (FGD) (ІІ stage).